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Verdon Recreation Centre, S3 9QQ. is a very warm and easy access centre. equally very secured and has a corner shop and free parking at the front. it has 2 halls, kitchen (but no cooker), toilets, changing rooms. space of a yard at the back for outside activities. many local people use it to learn english, play sport or socialise. the centre is open from 9am till 9pm. its run by volunteers and local residents. Reach up is incharge of bookings, cleaning and managing any conflicts.

Advice hot drink privet office if there is an issue Free WIFI.

Open 7 days depending on sessions.

Small cost but support for those unable to contribute.

Contact Information
Verdon Recreation Centre , Sheffield, England S3 9QQ, United Kingdom
Opening Hours
All day
All day
All day
All day
All day
All day
All day
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